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This No Freeze Garden Hose Is the Best for Your Environment

To most people, a garden hose is a garden hose it is a conduit to get water from the source to their garden or any other place or object in the yard. What they may not know is that not all garden hoses are the same. Most ordinary garden hoses come with some major risks including: The plastic that is used to make ordinary hoses contains a chemical called BPA or bisphenol A. This chemical is slowly released over time and if ingested it can cause health problems including brain malfunction, liver cancer and prostate problems especially in small children. Most hoses have brass parts which contain lead. The pigment that is used in the tube also contains lead. Because these hoses are opaque they can have large amounts of bacteria and algae that users are not aware of. Other materials used in the manufacture of hoses have been linked to several kinds of cancers. Should you be taking such risks with the hose that you use to water the food in your garden and even drink from? Clearly not. You can make a wiser choice by investing in the Clear Flow Expandable garden hose. This hose, which was invented by Roger Walsh, has been proven to be the safest in the market. It comes with outstanding features such as: 1. The material that is used to make it, polyurathane, is 100% safe. The hose is listed by National Sanitation Foundation as the best in the United States the materials its made from have been tested and proven to be a lot safer than drinking from a plastic bottle. 2. The materials dont degrade over time and seep into the water. In the same way, they also dont absorb anything from the environment. 3. The fact that these hoses are 100% recyclable makes them great for the environment. No other garden hose comes with this quality. 4. The hose is clear so you can see any debris that may be lodged inside just run the water for a few seconds and the hose is clean for use. 5. Do you hate the way hoses kink? Youll be happy to know that this no freeze water hose is kink free. 6. Get rid of the yuck bacteria and algae for good by choosing the best no freeze garden hose. Because the hose is transparent sunlight is able to get through it and kill bacteria as well as any other stuff that may be growing inside. 7. To make it double-safe, the hose uses pressure from the water source to empty itself completely. Once you turn off the tap all water is forced out leaving it dry. In addition to that, the hose flattens completely which reduces the odds of debris getting lodged in it. 8. Polyutherane is one of the toughest materials on earth it can last for up to 50 years. You can expect your no freeze water hose to last a long time. 9. Often, many home owners are stuck wondering how […]

Clear Flow: The Best Toxin Free Garden Hose in the Market

Have you ever stopped to think what kinds of toxins bacteria, algae and more — may be crawling around in your garden hose? This is not something that many people consider. The truth is that unless you have invested in a toxin free drinking hose you probably have a health hazard sitting in your yard. Ordinary garden hoses, the opaque kind, are home to multiple toxins. Every time you use them some water is left inside. When the sun heats them, they become a great environment for algae, bacteria and other filth to breed. Every time you take a drink from it, water your garden or water your pet you are taking a risk. In Addition to harmful toxins, ordinary garden hoses also come with the following risks: Most garden hoses contain lead. Every time you douse yourself and have a drink from an ordinary garden hose you are risking lead contamination. It isn’t only drinking from your hose that is risky. A study in 2003 found that the amount of lead in vegetables grown in urban areas and watered using garden hoses was enough to contribute to the human body burden of lead. BPA, another harmful chemical, is commonly used in the materials that are used for making garden hoses. Exposure can lead to problems with cognition and even prostrate function. A toxic water hose can also be caused by phthalate which is a material that is used to make hoses flexible. As your hose bakes in the sun on hot days, the chemicals in this material are slowly released and over time the levels rise. The Clear Flow Garden Hose If you feel like these are too many risks to take you will be happy to know that the Clear Flow toxin free water hose is a great solution. This hose, as the name implies, is made of clear Polyurethane. This means that when your hose is sitting out in the yard the heat from the sun penetrates and kills all bacteria, algae and any other creepy-crwalies that may be growing in it. This toxin free drinking hose comes with additional advantages: Polyurethane is such a tough material that it can last for 50 years. Once you invest in this hose you can be sure that it will last a while. It is so strong that running over it with your car doesn’t do any damage. It has no fittings which means that the risk of lead and BPA poisoning is eliminated. All the materials that are used to make this PVC-free garden hose have been tested and found to be safe. The national Sanitation Foundation has listed it as the safest hose manufactured in the United States. This is one of the top garden hoses for those who are concerned about saving their environment. The entire hose is recyclable which eliminates waste. The hose is designed to empty itself completely when the water source is turned off there is no moisture left behind to promote growth of […]

A Tested Small Lightweight Garden Hose

To many a hose is a means of transferring water from the house to the garden, the car, or to hose down themselves and have a drink on a hot day. Take a closer look at the hose you own, it may have been unwise to buy the first hose that you came across. Many hoses are big and bulky and moving them around is a problem. If you look at reviews of small lightweight garden hose, you will see that one of the most commented-on features is the ability to carry and store them without difficulty. You want to be able to fit your hose in a small space so it should wind into a nice, compact unit. Unfortunately, this is not the case with most hoses. At best, they will take up a few square yards when wound. Aging seniors take up gardening to keep themselves busy. If they have a hose that is heavy, especially with water weight, it can be difficult for them to use and can even cause injuries. You want a garden hose that is non-toxic, as most hoses come with brass fittings that contain lead. Many hose materials have been tested for chemicals and have been found to contain them at high, unsafe levels. The Clear Flow Garden Hose If you want a hose that is easy to move around you will not get one better than the Clear Flow Garden Hose. This small garden hose is the best in the market. It distinguishes itself for several reasons: It is flat; once all the water has discharged it collapses into a flat shape making it very easy to fold and keep away. It is lightweight even with water this hose is still pretty light. It would be a great gardening tool for anyone with spine issues. Because of its shape it will not destroy your plants as you move about watering them. It is made of Polyurethane which is one of the toughest materials known to man. Of all lightweight garden hoses, this one probably has the longest lifespan. It doesn’t have any metallic fittings so there is no risk of contamination from lead or other chemicals. It addresses one of the biggest problems with hoses: bacteria and algae. Opaque hoses are home to lots of toxins because they retain water. The Clear Flow is transparent. When the sun shines on it any bacteria and algae is killed off. Many urban grown veggies contain high levels of lead because of the kinds of hoses that are used to water them. Let’s start avoiding that completely. Try the Clear Flow® and see what a difference it makes in your garden, and in your daily, summer life.

An Innovative Drinking Water Safe Hose

Did you know that the State of California published an Act, known as Proposition 65, which requires commercial entities to list any possible toxic chemicals that may be in their products? Since its enactment, over 800 toxic chemicals have been successfully listed and the shocking part is that some of these chemicals could be lingering at your doorstep. How well do you trust your garden hose? Do your kids often drink from it? What you didn’t know is the possible drinking from garden hose danger your family is exposed to. Some of the hose fittings used in garden hoses contained traces of harmful chemicals which can lead to chronic diseases overtime. The Answer is Clear Flow Garden Hose There is a host of advantages you stand to gain from this product but lets start with the most important one the Clear Flow Garden Hose is a non toxic garden hose. Thats correct! This safe drinking water hose is the best on the market for safety, and is constructed from NSF (Public Health and Safety Organization) approved materials, meaning the components used to build are safe. Each assembled hose is tested at the manufacturing plant by industrial and chemical engineers. Kink-Free Unlike the normal garden horses that often get tangled into difficult knots, the Clear Flow Garden hose is absolutely kink-free. It sits flat on the ground and totally expandable to boost its performance both indoors and outdoors. It is the kind of non-toxic garden hose you would use on your home garden, workshop, greenhouse or even barn. Self-Draining Another new feature you would love in this drinking water safe hose is the self-draining properties. Once you are done using the hose, the internal high pressure drains all residual water until the pipe is left completely dry. This prevents any algae or mould build up that is common with conventional hose pipes — not to mention the bad odour that is a by-product of mouldy pipes. Completely Lightweight Despite all the fittings of the Clear Flow Garden hose being 100% recyclable, they are quite lightweight in nature as well. This makes the non-toxic garden hose feather weight and easy to move around when working in your garden or mini-workshop. Another benefit of the lightweight material is that they are designed to withstand harsh weather environments thus you are completely safe using the drinking water safe hose in summer or winter. So if you are looking for a non-leaching, materials tested garden hose that doesn’t kink and is light enough to help you move around easy, the Clear Flow Garden hose is your safe bet right now.